Essence of Yorkshire is an independent media portal whose primary objective is to promote all that is great about Yorkshire. Each member of our small, yet highly motivated and dedicated, team plays a different role and brings with them their own enthusiasm for different activities and interests relating to this great northern region.

Yorkshire is England’s largest county, it is often described as “God´s own country” and in our opinion it is easy to see why. From the stunning East Coast to the scenic landscape of the North Yorkshire Moors, the timeless charm of towns such as Harrogate and Ripon, the historical importance of the City of York to the 21st Century retail centres in cities such as Leeds and Sheffield; Yorkshire truly has something for everyone.

Our website has separate sections containing a wide array of featured articles on topics of interest, a calendar of events in the region, recipes, reviews of regional amenities and suppliers of local produce. All this along with outdoor pursuits, shooting and more.

Part of our mission is to support and promote both the use of local produce and the ethos of sustainable and ethical use of the land. We plan to provide our readers with seasonal, typical and sometimes “oldy worldy” Yorkshire recipes. Traditional Yorkshire culinary delights may not be everyone’s idea of fine food, and it certainly doesn’t fall under the category of “nouvelle cuisine”, however it has undoubtedly been pleasing Yorkshire folk for generations.

By now you should be becoming aware of our boundless enthusiasm for promoting our home county as we attempt to capture and define the Essence of Yorkshire.


  1. the indispensable quality or element identifying a thing or determining its character; fundamental nature or inherent characteristics.
  2. an abstract entity; the reality underlying a phenomenon or all phenomena.

[Middle English via Old French from Latin; essentia, from esse ‘be’] Oxford English Dictionary.